The Daily Mail published new information on its front page on Friday 22nd February, highlighting the doubling of hospital admissions over a six-year period, for children who self-harm. Official data quoted by The Daily Mail shows 3,988 young people aged 9-17 were taken to hospital in 2017/18 with self-harm injuries, compared to 1,725 in 2011/12.

Further analysis by The Mail shows that girls are 5 times as likely to be admitted with injuries as boys and 400 cases involved children aged 9-12, thus showing that self-harming is already becoming prevalent in primary aged children.

Head First Ltd Director and Trainer, Dave Miller, feels the data published by The Mail should be treated with caution. “It is right that we acknowledge the increase in self-harming amongst young people, but we must not forget the young people who are not disclosing their self-harm to trusted adults and therefore not accessing the professional help they require to help starting the process of moving from self-harming to better coping strategies. We must also be conscious that there are many young people who are engaging with a wide range of professionals outside of the hospital system, who are not included in this data”

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