Mental Health First Aid Support Resources

This page provides you with downloadable resources to help you support the young with their mental health first aid.

The mental health resources include posters and gifs.

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Talking Tips

Giving a young person a chance to open up about their mental health can be a first step to seeking support.


Self-care and support for young people

Some coping strategies are more helpful than others.

As with any skill, we can always learn new ways of dealing with stress. 

Below are some self-care tips to help protect against stress.

Self-care tips

Try these…

Nurture your physical health

 Body and mind are connected, so eat regular meals and find a fun form of exercise that suits you and your schedule.

Set aside time

Set aside time to have fun or do something nice for yourself. Positive emotions can help build a buffer against stress.

Enjoy activities

Spend time on an activity you enjoy – whether painting, playing guitar, or Learning a new sport.

Talk to someone

ell a trusted friend or family member about how you’re feeling, or chat online on a support site like Childline or The Mix.

Avoid these…

Overdoing stimulants

Overdoing it on caffeine, alcohol or sugar – they’re a quick fix which can increase stress in the long term.


We all need time to unwind so try to build in short, regular breaks while you’re studying, working or revising.

Chasing perfection

It can create unrealistic expectations. It’s not fair to compare yourself, as a whole person, to social media highlights from someone else’s life.

Hiding Feelings

Bottling up your feelings and assuming they will go away – this can make things worse in the long run.

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